Inanna Aid

We all wish we always had it Made

But sometimes we need Aid

Because all sorts of problems ask for debts which need to be Paid


Inanna Aid


You could aid another Too

Which is something we all should Do

When they are suffering hardships, help your friends and lovers pull through



So as we travel this Land

Both accept and offer a Hand

And one day you can live in the Grand




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Dionysus Obstacles

They say the Fool in the Rain

Does not Feel any Pain


Dionysus Obsticles


But when it comes to our lives, we want to be in Charge

So we have a chance to live in the Large


Yet so much ill can be thrown at You

It becomes hard to fight your way Through


We all fight to enjoy our Free

And hope to live in the Glee


Look your Obstacle in the Face

And leave it in the Dust while you Race


Chaos, innovation, and thinking outside of the twisted Box

These are part of the key which Unlocks


Also remember your truths might be different than Some

Perhaps other’s obligations are useless and Dumb


As with Dionysus we make up our own Mind

And when we are done, who knows what treasure we may Find


And as we create and strive into Baccanaught

Our lives will continue to Rock


Dionysus Breaking Free


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Yig Teamwork

The more people involved the more we can get Done

Besides Teamwork is Fun


Yig tt


The sum greater than the Parts

Funneling creativity through multiple Arts


Wasted time is Slain

Move to a higher Plane


You do not need to Stop

When you are the cream of the Crop


Working Together

Plowing through the bad Weather


Better than Before

Enough gets done to fill a Store


So Yig bless the Cooperation

Help us build a new Creation


And as we all sit Back

Good times and accomplishment is something we do not Lack


Yig ttt



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Hermes Additional Hell

Life can be tough enough and we do not always feel Swell

This is compounded when we are struck with more Hell


hermes additional hell


Sometimes we just want to make it through our Day

But now, more torpedoes are sent our Way


What is a human to Do

When obstacles pile up around You


Crawl out of the Slime

Tackle them one at a Time


Move with the precision and speed of Hermes

Even when we feel like we should fall to our Knees


Bite through the day and Strive

No matter how bad things get you are still Alive


Hermes Paper Jerk


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Dionysus Innovation

Some people just want things to always remain the Same

The people of Dionysus find this to be Lame


Dionysus Innovation II


It is Chaos which Creates

We have already smashed through thousands of outdated Gates


The world will constantly Change

Despite what controlling laws can Arrange


We use our Imagination

To inspire Innovation


We are not just going where people have Before

We are not a predictably Whore


Entropy Rules

Those who deny this are Fools


I would rather ride its Wave

Than be its Slave


So Dionysus help pave the Way

For our creative juices to come out and Play


And as I look Back

Ingenuity will not be something I Lack


Dionysus Innovation


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Apollo Fresh

When you reach a Dead End

New ideas and concepts are your Friend


Apollo Fresh


Push yourself through the Mesh

And try something new and Fresh


When you step into a new Groove

Your prospects should Improve


So get Smart

And begin your fresh Start


When the spirit of the Warrior infuses Us

We leave the problems behind and no longer Cuss


And as I leapt into a new action Day

My life will be molded as I Say


Apollo Bring it back


Matt Narrows is a Hero of Apollo and just needs the save the whole world a few times.

Yig Human Animal

Humans like to think we have become so Advanced

We are no longer part of the animal Dance


Yig Animal II


We want to eat, nest, and Mate

Yet sometimes these concepts fill people with Hate


Are we so Evolved

We think every problem can be Solved


Should we be embracing the Animal or Man

Live close to the Earth or be part of the control it all Plan


Are all our biological urges to be Rejected

While social functions are Perfected


Might there be something we will Miss

Will useful things cease to Exist


Yig I will choose to be a human Animal

Just a bipedal Mammal


I will remember how to Survive

And this is why I am still Alive


Yig Animal


Yig’s greatest hero, Jack Primus, can be discovered here!

Dionysus Downs

We all want life to be forever Great

But sometimes you feel trapped beneath a twisted Fate


Dionysus Downs


You do not want to piss and Moan

But should you really go through this Alone


Depression is like a quicksand owned by an evil Clown

And it is easy to feel Down


Try as you Might

It is not always easy to put Right


It is hard to be up all the Time

But no one wants to feel like a Slime


Get two feet on the Ground

And turn your rig Around


Ignore the Slash

Dodge the Lash


Allow Dionysus In

Avoid imagined Sin


Live a path of freedom and Grace

And do your part to better the human Race


Dionysus pull the trigger


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Hecate Stains

There are times when something ill will leave a Stain

The horror has passed but the blemish can Remain


Hecate Stains


It could be large or Faint

But your life still feels a Taint


Yes, we passed through bad Weather

But this should not go on Forever


We need to embrace what is Right

And move into the Light


As our life Mends

From the terror of the past we Cleanse


If we dwell on past Sin

The villains in life get to Win


We are not perfect Either

Over our defects we Sither


But soon we just have to be Done

And let the past be burned away by the Sun


Hecate help us Through

And we always return to You


And as we start in a new Direction

Let us travel Toward Perfection


Apollo End Game


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Dionysus Coming Together

Some do not want to get Along

And the followers of Dionysus feel this is so Wrong


Dionysus Coming Together


Sure, some people just Hate

And it is right to keep them on the other side of the Gate


Others are damaged or refuse to Learn

When there is no chance, these people we should Spurn


But most of us have a Chance

To leap up and join the common-sense Dance


We are all Free

To argue and Disagree


Yet we should also be able to join Hands

And let understanding sweep the Lands


It is harder to get stuck in a bipolar Bog

When there is an honest Dialog


Dionysus let the fences End

And we will make a new Friend


And as I look Back

A know an open mind is not something I Lack


Dionysus Do It Anyways


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