Loki Tight

If you want to make it through another Night

You have to keep it Tight

Loki Tight iii

Arrange your Gear

Keep your paths Clear


Tighten up yourself and your Place

Be able to put forward your best Face


Loki can lead the conversation or fall back onto the Shadows

Move through the streets and sneak through the Narrows


In the End

I will wow both enemy and Friend


Loki Tight i


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Loki Tight


Inanna The Correct Path

You do not have linger on the Math

To figure out how to help people take the right Path

And those who seek to hurt, or neglect will feel my Wrath


Inanna The Correct Path i


We help lead our Children and Friends

Aid them to meet the proper Ends

For their damage we make Amends



So Inanna guide our Way

Make sure we continue Today

And we will Honor you, our loved ones, and ourselves as we enter the Fray


Inanna The Correct Path


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Inanna The Correct Path ii

Dionysus Garden

Water makes Life

Relaxes and removes Strife


Dionysus Garden i


Creating something out of the littlest Seed

Can soon provide much of what we Need


Saving Money, getting exercise, and Fun

All while out and under the Sun


Proving our Worth

By pitching in a little to save the Earth


Nurturing and Growing

More seeds I am Sowing


Alive and Green

Different plants are Seen


With the plants I grow more healthy and Fit

Enjoying every Bit


Like Dionysus we surround ourselves with life and Joy

The outdated we will soon Annoy


Tomorrow what will I see

When new plants arrive to greet Me


Dionysus Garden ii


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Dionysus Garden

Yig Right Fight

Almost every day we need to Fight

For what we fill is Right


Yig Right Fight


So many seek to hurt and Abuse

It is easy for the Earth, Animals, and Humanity to Lose


Step up and move Ahead

Confront the people who wish to make money from the Dead


Many only seek to feed the Greed

When they already have what they Need


We can live life with Less

So, let us put this theory to the Test


Better to Try

Then to just give up and Die


No, we will fight for the Earth

And give it all we are Worth


Yig blesses the Noble Ones

And consider then his Daughters and Sons


Yig Right Fight i


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Yig Right Fight ii

Dionysus Winning

Sometimes we are not sure how things are Beginning

But this will not keep us from Winning


Dionysus Winning i


Sometimes it is just Nice

To get a victory Slice


I am not a freak who always has to triumph and be Right

But I can use some strong victories this Night


Yes, I am not asking for the Earth to tilt my Way

But I could use coming out on top Today


Winning can make one Stronger

And I am dwelling in nonsense no Longer


Sometimes you Win for Others

We must protect and help our sisters and Brothers


As we move Forward

And Winning can be our Reward


So let me bask in Victory

And allow good things to shower upon Me


Tomorrow will be another Chance

To continue this positive Dance


Dionysus Winning


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Dionysus Winning ii

Yig Currents

We must stay aware and be in the Know

Because the world is always in a state of ebb and Flow


Yig Currents i


When currents Change

Perhaps your system should Rearrange


If you lose touch with the Day

You might just get swept Away


You can swim with or Against

But without research you might lose your choice or your Chance


I prefer Progress

Little need to Regress


Instead I Coast

So later I will have the strength to Boost


Each day I step Ahead

Learning the wisdom inside the All-Father Serpent’s Head


Life I Update

As I dance with Fate


Yig Currents


Jack Primus is the warrior of Yig. Explore his world here!


Yig Currents ii

Inanna Nurturing

With Stalwart parents, children can enter the world Strong

Yet we must beware for in this reality many things can go Wrong

But with help they sing a beautiful Song


Inanna Nurturing


The world can be an amazing Place

We want them to reach out to it with a smiling Face

Be ready when they enter the Race


Inanna please bless the results of Love

Shower the child with the strength of Above

And I will treat their souls like a gentle Dove


Inanna Nurturing ii


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Inanna Nurturing i

Yig Conflict

Conflicts can be of Body or Mind

Unfortunately they are not Difficult to Find

Yig Conflict iii

Some people wish to Fight

They could care less whether they are in the Right


They wish to tear you Down

Smash your face into the Ground


Screw such Crap

I will not fall into their Trap


I build my own strategy and Rules

And I will tear through the Fools

Yig Conflict ii

Like a silent dancer I Weave

And soon it will be my foe who will Greave


Like a coiled serpent I Wait

They will never know when they will meet their Fate


The bastards should not try to start a fight they will Lose

And when I wake up tomorrow it will be my turn to Choose

Yig Conflict i

Jack Primus is the warrior of Yig. Explore his world here!

Yig Conflict