Dionysus New Home

One does not feel as much of a need to Roam

When they have acquired a new Home


Dionysus New Home.gif


Fill the new Space

Feeling calm within the Race


Kissing and loving can be Done

Along with a thousand other types of Fun


Make it my Own

Get in the Zone


Place yourself Above

Feel the new Love


Share with Others

Come my sisters and Brothers


I absorb the Peace

And am able to allow myself of Cease


Dionysus is the spirit of Joy

And a new place is your biggest Toy


And as I lay my head Down

A better place I have not Found



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Dionysus Innovation II


Hermes Lair

You want to show your Flare

Whenever you acquire a Lair


Hermes Lair


When entering our Space

We want others to see our true Face


Our real being, we Hone

When we personalize where we spend our Alone


But we want to also show it Off

Let others know our creativity has not gone Soft


But it is really for our own energy and Peace

Making sure our wonders never Cease


So brave traveler here I Stand

For now, this is where I have chosen to Land


And as this day gets started on the Next

The wandering path need not Vex



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Hermes Soloed Spirit

Hecate Repeat

It is often hard to perform a Feat

When so many actions we much Repeat




Whether it is moving once More

Of heading to the same old Store


We want to continue to move Ahead

Because honorable people do not stop until they are Dead


Still so many things must be done again and Again

When it is on more important issues you should Attend


Yet, there can still be purpose There

Anything we do should involve intelligence and Flare


Get out of the Square

Enjoy fresh Air


Exercise and Move

Feel the Groove


Create in your Mind

Or a new friend Find


So let the spirit of the Goddess flow into Me

Setting myself Free


And when I look Back

I see all the things I no longer must Attack



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Dionysus Road Trip

Normal Reality you are Slipping

Once you start Road Tripping


Dionysus Road Trip


Putting on a new Face

As we travel to a different Place


Alone or with Others

Great to have introspection or share the joy with sisters and Brothers


Explore the New

Or a great place you can Review


You might underestimate how Far

You can get in a Car


Get a new View

Build a more diverse You


Nature and Man

Chaotic or with a Plan


So Dionysus help us Race

And find ourselves a different Space


And as we enter Baccanaght

We will eternally Rock


Desert highway


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Dionysus Road Trip II

Apollo Change

When we are making a Change

Parts of your life you must Rearrange


Apollo Change


Change can be great or Rough

Sometimes we can feel like we have already had Enough


Yet change is the one constant in Life

The cause of most pleasure but also Strife


So why not embrace it as a Goal

So mundane repetition does not take its Toll


As I contemplate eternal things such as the Sun

It reminds me of all I have not Done


And as the day shifts to Night

I will continue our Fight



Matt narrows is a Hero of Apollo and just needs the save the whole world a few times.


Apollo Bring it back

Hecate Torpedoed

Sometimes your day seems to be going Fine

And you are about to step into the Divine



Then a Torpedo comes Along

And your day sings a different Song


Plans fall into the Dust

Productivity starts to Rust


Time slips By

Yet we still have to Try


Salvage when we Can

Pull it out of a blazing Pan


Maybe make a new Plan

Perhaps travel over the Land


Do not Tally

See another Ally


New projects can take up a new Race

Move yourself into a new Space


Hecate help me find the new Trail

And I will not Fail


Tomorrow gives me a new Chance

To take up the Dance



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Dionysus Anarchy

We all seek to be Free

And the ultimate freedom is Anarchy


Dionysus Anarchy II


Yet there would be many problems to Solve

And we still have a long way to Evolve


Right now, the way our species is Prone

Perhaps we should find a Temporary Autonomous Zone


Or at least all pitch In

So a better future can Begin


We can each do our Part

For a more enlightened era to Start


Roll up your sleeves and put on the Glove

For work needs to be done which starts with Love


Chaos can lend a Hand

And a higher freedom sweeps the Land


So embrace Dionysus as we Should

As we create a greater Good


And as we move one day Closer

We can escape the backwards Rollercoaster




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Dionysus Anarchy

Hecate Determination

Barriers are in the Way

And you feel like for every mistake you have made you must Pay


Hecate Determination


At other times, things look good and Build only to crash Down

Make you get buried Unground


Still things must be Done

Or life could be drained of some of its Fun


Certain things we chose not to Lack

But if we want them, we have to Attack


We push the trepidation Aside

From our pursuit they will not Hide


Just like how the first humans, naked and Abused

Did not allow themselves to Lose


I more Forward

Accomplishment is own Reward


Again and again I Strive

The conflict reminds me I am Alive


Hecate guide me down the correct Trail

And I will be sure not to Fail


And I continue this Day

I mold my world out of the Sway..



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City at night

Loki Another Place

A great way to wake up with a smile on your Face

Is to find yourself in another Place


Loki Another Place


Strange and New

Not a hundred percent sure you know what to Do


Whatever it is, it could be something you never did Before

Become your own good times Warrior


Loki help me keep my Chaos Strong

Make sure it does not turn Wrong


And I will make a new Day

Conform to my Sway


Grab some heroes of Dionysus Right here


Loki loki girl