Dionysus Chaos Day

When Dionysus Holds Sway

You might find yourself within a Chaos Day


Dionysus Chaos Day


You do many a Thing

And some true fun can Begin


But you could get projects done Too

Something you always wish to Do


It can happen alone, but is better with Others

Come with me sisters and Brothers


Rarely will you stay in one Place

More likely to be all over and seeing many a new Face


Some things might not make complete Sense

Odd things occur when mixed with random Happenstance


The Chaos twirls through the Air

And you live with color and Flare


Dionysus give us a Sign

And we will follow you into the Divine


And as this day journeys into the Black

Variety will not be something I Lack




Dak is a hero of Dionysus. see if her can Save New Cluster Here


Hecate Mystic Silence

Despite what you wish to Convey

It is often words which get in the Way


hecate spell


When we feel the need to Clutch

We often say too Much


Sounding Desperate

Becoming Nondescript


Silence or fewer words would be Better

Your knee jerk emotions you Fetter


There is a mystery in those who do not always Speak

And that is something we Seek


Moving like a shadow through the Night

Only talking when the moment is Right


Sparse words carry more Weight

Help mold our Fate


Set up a Plan

Be a smarter woman or Man


So Hecate kept make our words have Value

And we will always return to You


And I will more through my Trials

With Smiles


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Dionysus Slick

No reason to look like a Dick

In this life it is better to keep it Slick


Dionysus Slick


Not just You

Your abode should look Styling Too


Do not just try to look Good

Like everyone thinks you Should


Do your own Thing

Let the Individuality Begin


Functional as Well

Because you never can Tell


Push a strong image both out and at Home

Entertain or Roam


It is better to Impress

Then look like your life is a Mess


So Dionysus grant us a little Style

And I will proclaim your worth mile after Mile


And as we welcome the Night

I feel better than Alright


Dionysus Chaos Night


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Dionysus Tech

Dionysus holds the soul of an animal and comes from the Wood

Primitive can be pure, strong, and Good


dionysus tech


Still horrors, bullshit, and oppression try to Wreck

One way to fight back is having the Tech


As you feel life slipping Away

Out comes to tech and lets you make a Play


Staying in Touch

Can help so Much


One can even be Drunk

And pull out some WildernessPunk


Maybe get Loose

And Produce


Met a new Friend

A great End


So Dionysus we need not avoid the E-love

It can be a gift from Above


And as I explore a new High

I need not ask myself Why




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Hecate Music

Focus the spirit into Sound

Energy increases when Music is Around

Hecate World

Sets a new Mood

The artist Collude


Magic in the Tunes

A new future Looms


I may even Dance

Enter the movement Trace


Let the rhythm eclipse Me

Setting my soul Free


My body cannot help but Move

As I enter the Groove


Meet with Others

Friends and Brothers


We vanish in the Night

The music feels so Right


Hecate help us find the power in Song

Then we will not go Wrong


The music Knows

My spirit Grows




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Dionysus Cash

We of Dionysus seek the good Time

But this cannot often happen without spending your Dime


Sometimes we need to Dash

In the hope of making some Cash


Dionysus Cash


One way is working for Others

Hopefully they are our Brothers


Trading and a little Plot

Can also help a Lot


Working for yourself is Best

Puts your skills to the Test


But sometimes you need the cash in Hand

Before you travel the Land


Can also help you Feel

Like you are part of the Real


So lets make sure it gets Done

And then we will have our Fun


Dionysus watch over us Today

And let the luck tip out Way




Join Dak as he fights for the freedom of New Cluster

Yig Anti-Overload

Sometimes we lose Touch

When we are faced with too Much


We want to get Ahead

But feel like we are almost Dead

Yig Anti-Overload


But when pressures get out of Hand

We must become one with the Land


Remember what is Right

And for that we Fight


So much of what we do is really useless Crap

We do not need to fall into Stress’s Trap


Still things should be Done

So we can relax and have at least a little Fun


So Yig Bless

The horrible Mess


I will drive away the Sorrow

And try to have a better day Tomorrow


Jack Primus II

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Dionysus Motion

There is a lot we all want to Do

But just sitting there will not help make your dreams come True


Get up off your butt and get things Done

Whether it is night, dusk, or you are basking in the Sun


Sitting around on your Ass

Makes one appear to have no Class


Most things involve moving Around

We will have plenty of time to be still when we are Underground


Get your life in Motion

Jump into the accomplishment Ocean


Who gives a Fart

How you Start


You need to use It

Before you lose It


So Dionysus help us keep Active

So we are not scrambling and Reactive


In the end we give out a Yell

And make the slacker feel like Hell


Dionysus Motion


Join the World of New Cluster where the fate of the city lays in the hands of the SKinjumpers

Dionysus One Step Closer

Sometimes you feel like you’re on a Rollercoaster

But we all feel better when we get one step Closer


One more task Done

Finds us a little closer to Fun


One step at a Time

Then move to the next on a Dime


Things flow behind Me

And I am a little more Free


Some items embrace your true Self

Add those to your Selves


Stay in one place or move over the Land

Doing the right thing and taking a Stand


Making a play to increase our Power

I will make the most of this Hour


Dionysus, we set off to find You

For you know what we wish to Do


As this day burns into Dusk

Raise your arms welcoming Us.


Dionysus, One step closer.jpg


Join Dak, A hero of Dionysus as he battles tokeep the chaos of New Cluster pure

Apollo Limbo

Limbo claims us all from time to Time

You want to escape, but you cannot move on this Dime

Apollo Limbo

Trapped behind a Grate

With nothing to do but Wait


Still, do not let your time go to Waste

Stay active, give life a Taste


The waiting will be Over

And you can be a Rover


So Apollo get us Through

And we will always look up at You


And after the wait is Done

I will be productive and then jump into Fun


Dalsala cover final-1


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