Dionysus Smirk

In is hard to let them make me feel like a Jerk

When my face owns a Smirk


Dionysus Smirk iii


No reason to let them see me Sweat

And they have not Yet


When they want me to Grieve

I dodge, duck, and Weave


Instead my Smile

Can be seen for a Mile


My feet are Up

Before they Shutup


I run off to have Fun

Before their grumble is Done


I will enjoy my Life

While the gaslighter dulls their Knife


Dionysus Smirk


Dionysus does his own Thing

And it is how we Begin


There is no reason to Fret

Because, by tomorrow, this nonsense I will Forget


Dionysus Smirk ii


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Dionysus Smirk i


Yig Primitus

Emerging from the Jungle Alone

Now over the Earth I Roam


Yig Primitus i


Allies and enemies fill my Path

Many of the former do not survive my Wrath


With sword I strike the ancient vile Beast

Evil will find no Release


My arrows pierce the necrotic Flesh

But shall not pass through my silver Mesh


Sword of Flame, Helmet of Fire

Soon my adversaries Expire


The balance, keeping the world from Woe

Make sure you never become my Foe


Yig Primitus


Yig guides my Hand

As I explore this new Land


As night comes, I sheath my Sword

And step forward to seek my Reward


Yig Primitus ii


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Yig Primitus iii


Hecate Resolution

When things become complete or I find a Solution

I can finally enjoy having Resolution


Hecate Resolution


Put the old tasks Behind

As new goals we Find


When things are finally Done

It is time to enjoy basking in the Sun


But also the journey continues On

For our battle is Long


Time to move up and take the next Leap

And to a new destination we race and Creep


When something which plagued us is cast Off

To greater highs we can Loft


With sword, hammer, and Axe

I fight to the Max


Grit my Teeth

And then enjoy my Release


Hecate Resolution ii


Hecate is the symbol of the Quest

At the crossroads we choose our Best


I get ready to Grin

As once again I Win


Hecate Resolution i


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Hecate Resolution iii


Dionysus Flip It

Sometimes your life feels full of Shit

It is then we know it is time to Flip It


Dionysus Flip It


Turn the bad into Good

Then progress as we Should


Move in the right Line

And step closer to the Devine


Requirements transform into Ease

Moving as I Please


Pleasure combats obligation’s Might

And I head into a well-earned Delight


Like a warrior, I break apart the Woes

And my barriers pass into their death Throws


I see to what really Matters

Soon the bullshit Scatters


Like Dionysus, I open my Eyes

And my goals I prioritize




A smile covers my Face

As I drop out of the Race


Dionysus Flip It ii


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Dionysus Flip It iii


Dionysus Responsibility

When followers of Dionysus you See

You might expect them to say, “Keep responsibility away from me.”


Dionysus Responsibility


But responsibly can give me more options Too

And increasing Chaos is something I want to Do


It helps me focus, so I am not floundering About

Gives me the strength to jump and Shout


The effort you put in can pay you Back

I make sure motivation is not something I Lack


I have a stronger Base

For when I start my Race


More to Give

My power does not flow through a Sieve


Taking care of my Circle and More

Doing my best to maintain a better Score


Dionysus Responsibility i


Like Dionysus I seek the Joy

And will enjoy many a new Toy


And as I enjoy the fruits of my Quest

I take pleasure in doing my Best


Dionysus Responsibility ii


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Dionysus Responsibility iii

Dionysus Enemy

No matter how cool I try to be, enemies always Lurk

Ready to screw with me and give my life a Jerk


Motorcycle Details


Seek to limit my freedom of Speech

And become a good times Leech


Go ahead and think the worst of Me

But when you seek harm, you become my Enemy


I fight tricky and Fair

For conflict can arise from Anywhere


By sword or Pen

You could come to your End


An enemy can help you grow stronger and keep Sharp

You have to be able to huddle under a tattered Tarp


Challenge meets danger in the Dark

And I remove the cursed Mark


Dionysus Enemy ii


Dionysus seeks the Level Ground

Like him, I search for what good times can be Found


Like the last lights of the sun, by enemies disappear into the Dusk

And their memories become a withered Husk


Dionysus Enemy i


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Dionysus Enemy


Hermes Travel

When your life starts to Unravel

A great way to refocus is to Travel


Hermes Travel


Exposure to the New

Is always a good thing to Do


See what you can Find

And expand your Mind


Step outside your Norm

See beauty in a new Form


I am Free

When I explore a different Mystery


coyote buttes


Like an eternal Hermes we Seek

And discover the Unique


And as I bed down in a fresh Place

I have a smile on my Face


Chochise Pools


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lilly water


Apollo The Edge

Through narrowed eyes, I sharpen my Edge

To the side of light I give my Pledge


Apollo The Edge 1


Parry, jab, and Slice

While staying as cool as Ice


Gaining the edge over my Enemy

I clear the field in front of Me


Twohanded, I sweep my Sword

Then quickly step up and get my Reward


Apollo The Edge i


Apollo broke Through

Which is something we all need to Do


Once I have my foes on a Leash

My sword I can Sheath


Apollo The Edge ii


Matt Narrows is a Hero of Apollo and just needs the save the whole world a few times.


Apollo The Edge

Dionysus Extra

In life it rarely hurts to get or accomplish a little More

For I am always ready to increase my Score


Dionysus Extra


Why do one thing when you can do Nine

I take a step closer to my personal Divine


Grab this and That

Soon I might be living off the Fat


Three dozen small tasks can equal a Huge

I increase my chance to Choose


Options enlarge my Strength

My gaze grows in Length


Little pieces save resources and Time

Perhaps even earns a Dime


Building my social Web

Allies when I reach an Ebb


Dionysus Extra i


Like Dionysus, I leave my path Clear

And kick my feet up as I sip my Beer


Smiling I welcome in the Night

And enjoy the new creations entering my Sight


Dionysus Extra iii


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Dionysus Extra ii


Hecate The Pit

Sometimes we fall behind and things turn to Shit

And instead of standing on even ground, I am in The Pit




When downhill I Slide

It is tempting to give up and just try to Hide


But I have been here Before

I know I can still even the Score


Find each technique and advantage I Possess

And use whatever I can to fight myself out of this Mess


Each step I move in the right Direction

I come closer to finding a new strength and Connection


There are also another paths I can Take

Perhaps a new method for success I can Make


I ignore the paths of Fools

As I seek out new Tools


Now I look up from the pit and see the Escape

And grab the future by the Nape


Hecate The Pit


Like Hecate, I stand at the Crossroad

Choose my path and pick up my Load


And as the sun Sets

I renew my Bets


Hecate The Pit i


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Hecate The Pit ii