Dionysus Solo

Whether you are a cyberpunk or a barbarian like Rollo

There is a strength in doing things Solo


Dionysus Solo


When you are alone, you fall into your own Head

It reminds you, life is not all blood Red


You are only one Thing

Realize this and freedom can Begin


Life is too varied to be sure what one should Do

If someone claims they know, they are a bigger fool than You


We all Think

We are so Unique


But most of us fall in Step

And act like we have Overslept


But once you figure out the Math

One can travel their own Path


An endless plain of action spreads before You

The in no limit of what you could choose to Do


So once you figure yours Out

Jump up and give us a Shout



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Dionysus Solo ii


Dionysus Hike

When a trial you Find

You can leave your troubles Behind


Dionysus Hike


Travel as you Like

While you indulge in a Hike


Travel over the Sands

Explore new Lands


Become one with the New

And let nature become one with You


Animals dive and Hide

While you enjoy the Outside


It is not a Race

And we set our own Pace


First time or a Repeat

Learning more and being healthier than claiming a Seat


My senses Tighten

I am prey and what can Frighten


Dionysus walks with Me

In the wildlands I am Free


And as I Return

I feel the stress I burn


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Dionysus Art

Yig Wandering

Perhaps, having no place you need to Be

Is what sets you Free


Desert Walk in June


Time passes at a different Pace

When you drop out of the Race


Going here is the same as There

Focus on accomplishment or Flare


Whatever goals I have are my Own

I appreciate this life I have on Loan


Other knots Unravel

Once I begin to Travel


Explore a new Place

Or one with a familiar Face


Yig’s coils protect me through the Vast

As like a ship I raise my Mast


Moving through another Day

Mixing productivity and Play


Yig’s greatest hero, Jack Primus, can be discovered here!



Snakes, Chaos

Inanna Ally

We all can use a little Help in Life

Because no matter what happens we get hit with Strife

An Ally has your back, so you will not sprout a new Knife


Inanna Ally


In this world filled with so much greed and Rage

It is better to form your own path and turn the Page

A good supporter can end up being your most trusted Sage


Thanks, my Compatriot

You help me appreciate what I Got

Evolve into the light and forget the Rot


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Inanna Ally 2

Dionysus Neutral Space

When life can become such a Race

It is a blessing to find a Neutral Space


Dionysus Neutral Space


At times a healthy place to Be

Is a area with no History


No memories, just a clean Slate

Can help the voices from the past Abate


Move in and then move Out

No need to clean or Shout


There are only a few things I Need

I am not here to dwell on mainstream Greed


Anyone could be in this Space

So how do I create my own Face


Dance within the concentration of the Inner

Elevate past the Sinner


All of Creation

Can feel the Sensation


Then we can kneel Before

The true Warrior


Dionysus Downs


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Yig The Warrior

Putting the average Behind

Seek and they will Find


Yig The Warrior


Entering the Chaos and coming back as More

This is the path of the Warrior


With weapons or None

Through the night, under the Sun


Defend the Home

And through the Roam


Learn and Improve

In Reality, they create a new Groove




In the shadow world they move In-between

In the forefront or sight Unseen


The father of the Warrior is Yig

He sets his sights on the Big


The true Warrior moves the human race Forward

And this is his real Reward


Yig’s greatest hero, Jack Primus, can be discovered here!




Hecate Invent

We remove ourselves from the Path of the Twisted and Bent

When something new we Invent




Like a Chaos Warrior

We create something which was not there Before


It can help you, coworkers, or a Friend.

Creativity has no End


With a little luck you can figure out a way to help the Earth

Payback the wonder of your Birth


Invent a way to save Time

Be more productive peel away monotonous Slime


Innovations can save your capital as Well

No need to end up in some broke Hell


Build new things, just for Fun

More good things can get Done


Create something for Another

Always good to gift a Brother


Hecate you are the Goddess at the Gate

Aid us and help us Create


As I look back on another Day

These is less I have to Pay





You can grab some of my fiction here, and I can promise you these people are on the Hero’s path.

Hermes Living with Low

Sometimes life starts to Slow

But one can learn a lot living in the Low


Hermes Living with Low


Many do it every Day

I hope it is a place I will not Stay


But if you can push through the Shit

And Embrace the Grit


Explore how the lower tenth Lives

Walk in their shoes before something Gives


Absorb another Existence

Chaos and Resistance


Hermes I will not Hide

From what I see Outside


And as I Return

I realize I have more to Learn


Hermes Free Time


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Apollo Dig In

When a new week we Begin

We need to Dig In


Apollo Dig In.jpg


What can we get done Today

We need to fight into the Frey


Have this day make a Difference

Fight through any Interference


Accomplish good and checking off the Ill

I fight ahead getting my Fill


Apollo guide my Hand

Whether at home or setting off across the Land


And as the last minute ticks Away

I leave a mark which is here to Stay


Apollo Everything man


Matt Narrows is a Hero of Apollo and just needs the save the whole world a few times.

Hermes Explore

Like the air we move and Explore

Delve into the Chaos of the Unknown like a Warrior


Hermes Explore.jpg


Investigate new places and Things

And enjoy the pleasure and knowledge this Brings


We never stop Moving

We are constantly Grooving


The universe is out There

But we must also Beware


Evil mixes within the Good

So we tread with care as we Should


Hermes travels with Speed

Sometimes this is what we Need


And when I return to my Place

I will have a new smile on my Face


Hermes Paper Jerk


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