Loki Mask

One way to take people to Task

Is to remain behind the Mask


Loki Mask


At times it is easier to be a Star

When they do not know who you Are


Plan and Plot

Better our Lot


A thief through the Night

I vanish from Sight


Like Loki, I return

And watch the enemy Burn


loki mask i


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loki mask ii


Dionysus Purity

Some think only wealth will set you Free

But often it is the poor who are closer to Purity


(c) Southwark Art Collection; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation


The less you have the less you Consume

Not as likely to send the world into Gloom


Consuming Less

Does not plunge the world into such a Mess


The True Environment is what heals Us

Be it the quiet desert or an endless Forest


Find your real Self

Do not place inner peace on the back Shelf


When we do not stain the Earth

We respect the place of our Birth


Nature is pure and can help us Actualize

Make our real self Materialize


Followers of Dionysus do not Hide

They know we have this path Inside


And when I progress and move toward my Goal

I am the hero and go into battle against the Troll


Dionysus Purity


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Dionysus Purity ii

Yig Writing

Some think heroes should be always Fighting

But who remembers the glory without Writing


Yig Writing ii


Writing reaches Many

Can go from the nothing to the Plenty


It lasts longer Too

And preserves the honor which is You


Is the pen mightier than the Sword

Step up and create your own Reward


More than one Voice

Mold the multiple Choice


Create a hero from your Mind

The righteous path is what we Find


Yig is one with the Hero

Helps one become the opposite of the Zero


I get one step Closer

And move like a Roller-coaster


Yig Writing i



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Yig Writing

Hecate Side Profit

No need to duck and Hide

When you are empowered from the Side


hecate ii


Straight forward fun and profit is more easily Done

But you can feel stressed or under the Gun


Side projects are your Own

They are Homegrown


A little extra dose of Power

When our own goals Flower


Networking and More

Can be in Store


Moving into my own Game

Never end the Same


Try to Find

What will be Mine


Accomplishment from your Me

Sets the Soul Free


So Hecate let my passions Glow

And keep me in the Know


And as this day burns into a night of Action

I find my own Satisfaction


hecate i


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hecate side


Hecate Dangerous

Life can be crappy and try to bury you in Puss

This is when we can become Dangerous




When people box you In

Fighting can Begin


Perhaps they should Beware

For we can cut back with Flare


Duck and Dive

We know how to stay Alive


We find our Swagger

And draw the Dagger


Tread carefully before you mess with Me

Because I am determined to stay Free


I am focused with Intent

And remove myself from the path of the Twisted and Bent


If you try an inappropriate Grab

You might end up on a Slab


So Hecate guide us through the Night

Help things turn out Right


 And as I return to my Warm

I have again escaped Harm


red eyes


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Purple girl

Dionysus Human Freedom

People deserve to just Be

But others fight against letting us stay Free


Dionysus Human Freedom I


Sometimes the world gets in a Mess

When hate rules and there is a desire to Oppress


Some seek progress and wish to Advance

While others focus on control and do not wish to give the Future a Chance


We could Heal, instead of Hate

Move this planet into the Great


Face it, for most, the past was full of Abuse

The corrupt and misguided Hounds of Hell were on the Loose


They seek to make an emergency out of nothing and shove it down your Throat

Always in search of problems to pin on a Scapegoat


Others seek to toss aside the primitive Ways

Make more educated and truth-based Plays


No, we will not bathe our minds in Superstition

And allow you to beat logic into Submission


We would rather for all to grow Stronger

And we hope the hate-minded will not remain here much Longer


Dionysus Human Freedom


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Dionysus Human Freedom II

Hermes Come Back

Sometimes when we get busy and travel over the Land

Things can unravel and get out of Hand


Hermes Come Back i


We can lose fitness, contact, and Focus

And grow in great need of some personal Hocus Pocus


Time to crack the Whip

Before your reality starts to Slip


Grab up a pen, device, weights, and a Mop

Because the action is not going to Stop


Like Hermes we Race

Slam our obligations at a riotous Pace


Moving here and There

Accomplishment and Flare


From morning and deep past Dusk

We Boom out of our Bust


Hermes Come Back ii


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Hermes Come Back

Apollo Jump Back In

Sometimes we are slow to Begin

But still we must dive Back In


Apollo Jump Back In


We often have a big event, trip, or take a Break

Living life for its own Sake


But we need to return to the Action

Enjoy our productivity and gain Satisfaction


Jumpstart our Scene

Get quick and Lean


Apollo is the god of Light

Like him, we move through the Night


And as this day is Complete

I am closer to what I Seek



Apollo Jump Back In II


Matt Narrows is a Hero of Apollo and just needs the save the whole world a few times.


Apollo Jump Back In i

Dionysus Sneak

There are those who wish for your Doom

They wish to thrust you into the Gloom


Dionysus Sneak


We remove ourselves from what they Seek

When we dodge and Sneak


We bounce and Dive

Those who stay Hidden keep their future Alive


They can not touch You

When they have no idea what you Do


Sometimes it is simpler to leave your Mark

When you act from the Dark


Like a thief at Night

Remain removed from your Enemy’s Sight


I move silent and Unseen

Obfuscated from the viscous and Mean


Like Dionysus, we seek our own Way

For on our path we will Stay


And as I survive another Turn

I live  through the Burn



Dionysus Sneak I


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Dionysus Sneak ii

Dionysus Exercise

It is Wise

Not to skip the Exercise


Dionysus Exercise I


Sure we all wish to get other things done Today

But we also need a body which will be strong enough to Play


We also wish to look slick and Good

Like all humans Should


We wish to be healthy Too

Something we all seek to Do


Although we seek to rest our weapons Aside

From the need to be a warrior we should not Hide


Face it, either you are an unmotivated Shit

Or you keep your temple Fit


Moving is better than Stagnation

Accomplishment creates its own Satisfaction


Dionysus does not seek perfection

He just wants us strong enough to enjoy the Erection


I make it through my day and will enjoy Another

And now I kick back and enjoy the Thunder


Dionysus Exercise


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Dionysus Barricade i