Dionysus Green

Who loves you Mary-Jane

Do not let it be a Pain


Life is full of Strife

Yes, we want to accomplish and Succeed

But is some ways betterment is also fueled by Greed

Sometimes we Attack

But it is also cool to kick Back

When Mr. Green is on the Scene

We do not have to get all Mean

Sometimes I have Found

That the best thing we can do is Power-Lounge

So Tonight

Let us do it Right

Forget about the world filled with Puss

And become one with Dionysus


So great Baccus bless us this Night

As we bask in your Delight

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Dionysus Hedonism

Are we truly Free

It doesn’t seem like it when people try to control Me

Who is to say what is right or Wrong

How can something be bad if our longing is Strong

As long as it hurts no Others

At least not our kind sisters and Brothers

If this be the Case

Then get those rules out of my Face

Those that get in my Way

Might be brought to Pay

Why are we here other than to feel Good

There is more to life than just doing what we Should

There are pleasures I’m going to Take

Because I deserve a fucking Break

So screw, get high, nip and Tuck

For tonight I enter Baccanaght

So let wondrous experiences flow over Me

I embrace my joy and find myself forever Free


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Dionysus On High

Foreign Substances flow into Me

Effecting all that I See


I seek to Embrace Life

Where others attempt to remove it with a Knife

For what is life without joy and Song

To reject this for a possible tomorrow is always so Wrong

Servants of Dionysus seek to bask in the Joy

The muggle robots we will always Annoy

Working is Fine

As long as it brings one into the Divine

So now as this world drops into Mystery

I bid normal Reality to Flee

Plague us with mundania no Longer

So our sweet song will grow ever stronger

We seek to eternally Rock

And Make every day a Baccanaght

Normal Mortals we are not Longer

An Opened mind has made us Stronger

Dionysus Party.jpg

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Hecate Charisma Spell

The ways of Chaos and Magick are Great

We seek to mold others so they will aid us in reaching our true Fate


For in the world of competition and Vice

Humans swarm over everything like maggoty Lice


As Wizards we seek to raise above the Others

Yet in a way that will trick them so they think that we are Brothers


Homo-superior is what we Are

And against the rest we do War


We seek to protect this world before the End

Aid stone, animal, and Friend


Yet we need not fight Fair

No we will Manipulate and Coerce with Flair


Like Micaville we plan and Plot

Also trying to better our Lot


So Hecate shine your Power down on us this Night

Let you servants bask in your Sight


Aid us to become stronger and Proceed

Let Magick and Joy triumph over Greed


Enable us, Making us Stronger

And we will be more powerful Servants Forever and Longer


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Apollo Weal Centering


As Above As Below

It is down the Righteous Path we Go

Warrior of Weal We Be

Eternally Fighting to Keep the World Free

With our Sword strapped to our Side

There is nowhere for Evil to Hide

In Life it is difficult to be Knowing

Down Which Path we should be Going

We try to be Decent and Right

But yet internally we Fight

When Evil Lurks all around and wears a Mask

Destroying it becomes a difficult Task

Today the Malign Destroyers are families and Fathers

Yet just because they have become rich from their greed does not make them Smarter

It is we who are put to the Test

Struggling, attempting to do our Best

Who to help, where to Turn

When by our very Existence creates the Earthly Burn

Great Apollo it is you we are Wooing

What is it that we should we Be Doing

I Seek to be the Righteous Warrior of Weal

But to be on the right path one had to do more than Feel

Aid us and steer us Strait

Pull away the illusions and fill us with the Great

This Day we stand before You

Hoping to discover what we really should Do

Are there things you could be Showing

Insights we should be Knowing

We seek to be Good

And wish to help others as we Should

Light up our Way

We will follow the direction you Say

We Seek to be Strong and Help

Save everything from the Universe itself to the lowest Whelp

So Hear us this Day

And Send Your Blessings Our Way

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Dionysus CHAOS

Dionysus Yes I See

Let the Chaos flow in and out of Me


We seek the Entropy with the Unknown Voice

Let our Will continually Follow the right Choice

One Choice leads to Another

Until the Hills reverberate with Thunder

We Wish to Ride the Chaos for it is our Ship

The Bullshit of Life we wish to Slip

Above as Below

Constantly fueled with an Ability to GO

You are our Mentor in the ways of the Night

Together we Bask in the Delight

As 1 As 8 As 9

As a whole we whirl into the Divine

Let us journey to the Borders of the Abyss

No aspect of Life do we have to Miss

The Wheel of Life, the Chaos that Create

Oh Gosh and Golly we think you are Great


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