Dionysus CHAOS

Dionysus Yes I See

Let the Chaos flow in and out of Me


We seek the Entropy with the Unknown Voice

Let our Will continually Follow the right Choice

One Choice leads to Another

Until the Hills reverberate with Thunder

We Wish to Ride the Chaos for it is our Ship

The Bullshit of Life we wish to Slip

Above as Below

Constantly fueled with an Ability to GO

You are our Mentor in the ways of the Night

Together we Bask in the Delight

As 1 As 8 As 9

As a whole we whirl into the Divine

Let us journey to the Borders of the Abyss

No aspect of Life do we have to Miss

The Wheel of Life, the Chaos that Create

Oh Gosh and Golly we think you are Great


 Find out more about the Hero’s mystic path here!


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