Loki Quest

We step up to do our Best
As we start our personal Quest

Setting out to leave our Mark
Traveling through the light and the Dark

Boons and dangers litter our Path
Try to stop us and feel out Wrath

So Loki guide our Feet
And make sure we find what we Seek

And as the day bleeds into the Night
We know we are doing what is Right

Loki Quest

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Inanna Scents

Life is full of different Smells

They each had diverse Tells

They help you rise over the chaotic Swells


I seek to indulge each Sense

Improve each Happenstance

And with my life I will not Mess


So Inanna smile down on Me

Keep my life Noxious Free

And help me learn just to Be


inanna scents


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Dionysus Everywhere Man

We of Dionysus are all Around

Wherever there is fun, we can be Found


Moving here and There

Without a Care


But that does not mean we are not putting on the Gas

Rumper Stumper, Constantly Kick Ass


The Man in Brown

Is coming to your Town


Saber in Hand

He will help defend the Land


But his reasons are Clear

He wants a safe place to kick back and drink Beer


So keep an eye Out

And give your best friend a Shout


He is your Friend

Until the Very End


Dionysus like the Man in Brown, we are one with You

Watch us and we will show you what we can Do



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Dionysus Drunken Accomplishment

The main thing we wish to do is have Fun

So let us make sure this is always Done


Accomplishment is Good

But it does not have to be done by stiff men made of Wood


We can have a good Time

And do not even have to Rhyme


Drunken accomplishment can be the Best

Having a better time than the Rest


We can make it Happen

Fumble ahead instead of wasting time Mappen


When we have fun while we Work

We do not have to fell like a Jerk


Be is day or Night

We will have fun while we produce and Delight


So join us in are drunken Tasks

Help destroy those serious Masks


Dionysus you are our Lover

We are Proud to call you Brother

Drunken Accomplishment Big

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Hermes Speed

There is always so much one must Do
If you do not get things done they pile up on You

Hermes help me get through this Plight
Help me accomplish as much as possible before I bed down for the Night

I feel the Need
To become one with your Speed

I wish to raise above the mundainia Norm
To make this happen through my special tasks I must Storm

But even normal tasks can be a Barrier
I must also got those done to be Merrier

So Hermes hear my plea
Lend part of your celerity to Me

If I can become one with You
There is no limit to the Tasks I could do

Hermes Speed

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Dionysus Anytime Anywhere

There are people that like to box in their Fun

As if there were only certain times it can be Done


We of Dionysus do not believe in such Things

Fun never stops and new fun always Begins


There is no certain place where we have good Times

And there is no place excluded from our Rhymes


Be it at work, home, or Play

Send loads of fun our Way


I can have fun alone or with my Brothers

Since all living things are Lovers


Make things happen Now

Because we know How


We will have fun, morning, noon, and Night

And Dionysus we ask you to aid us in basking in the Delight


So again we call out to Thee

Rain good times and fun down on Me


No matter where I stand

That is where fun should Land

Dionysus Anywhere

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Hecate Directional Spell

Goddess of the Night
The Crossroad loom before us

Uncertainty is a constant for the Enlightened
Those that seek a Betterment are often torn as to which choice is Best

A Focus is what is sought

We Seek to rise above such Issues
And take our place on the Path to our Personal Power

Channel us, Bless us, and Open our Eyes

Give us the Sight
To chose the path that is Right

The way could be difficult and Narrow
But we will sped forward like an Arrow

Which direction, what direction, How
We will discover our answers Now

We each need to find the path we Seek
For each of these Paths is Unique

In the Future whatever path is Best
Will be laid at our feet so we may begin our true Test



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