Dionysus Green

Who loves you Mary-Jane

Do not let it be a Pain


Is full of Strife

Yes, we want to accomplish and Succeed

But is some ways betterment is also fueled by Greed

Sometimes we Attack

But it is also cool to kick Back

When Mr. Green is on the Scene

We do not have to get all Mean

Sometimes I have Found

That the best thing we can do is Power-Lounge

So Tonight

Let us do it Right

Forget about the world filled with Puss

And become one with Dionysus

So great Baccus bless us this Night

As we bask in your Delight

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Hecate Drella

Note: Drella is a heroine of Hecate, which is featured in some of my fictional works


Maiden of the Moon

We wish to see you Soon


Women are more than just beauty and Vice

They can be powerful and like a crescent Slice


Witch-women full of strength and Pride

With you power become our Guide


Take up the Fight

As we enter the Night


Be the Child

At home in the Wild


Wise woman, matron, Crone

With you at my side I am never Alone


So be here as the Moon fills the Sky

Show me the true path and I will not need to ask Why


The Crossroads loom before Us

Like Primitive man leaving the Forest


With lightning bolt in Hand

You protect the Land


To be one with Drella

Makes me a Lucky Fella

Hecate Drella

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Dionysus To Hell with Stress

We of Dionysus want to live Life

But stress can stab into our good times like a Knife


Stress is the killer of good Times

Fuck stress, it never Rhymes


Stress come after me in you Dare

I’ll leave you in a busy intersection with just your Underwear


Your Place

Is not in my Face


I want to kick it Out

Scream and Shout


Have fun and focus on the Positive

Grab everything that this life can Give


Life always tries to Hammer at You

Ruminate on all the difficult things you must Do


Screw that Noise

We are not stress’s Toys


I am here have Fun

And I will not stop till that is Done

Dionysus to hell with stress big

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