Tezcatlipoca Downtown

At times it is right to head Downtown

And see what can be Found


Fools, freaks, and fairies mix in the Night

You never know, I might take a Bite

Mar night

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Dionysus Just Be

With so much to do swirling around Me

Sometimes it is hard just To Be


Just spent a moment with Another

Soon they are more of a Brother


Slow down and Enjoy

Watch a child with a Toy


Relax in a Chair

Is that not why you put it There


Listen to the birds and the Wind

Let a new feeling Begin


Move when you are Ready

And feel more Steady


Soon it will be Beer-Thirty

I already am more than a little Thirsty


So Dionysus bless our State

And it will not Abate


Create a Memory

And leave some for Me

Dionysus, just be

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