Hecate Waiting Game


We can often feel Lame

When we are forced into a waiting Game


Hecate Waiting Game


Some would rather fall on their Sword

Than admit to being Bored


Still there are times when we have to put off our goals and every Task

And under the ticking clock we Bask


We must make the most of it and still do what we Can

Do not just twiddle your thumbs, be a Man


Do not sulk and Lie

As the seconds go By


Maybe I can accomplish a different Thing

As I wait for the new chapter to Begin


Doing something needed is the Key

One less thing for later when you are Free


Do something new and Great

There is always a way to Create


So Hecate bless us even when we are Stuck

And soon we will have better Luck


And when the waiting is Done

We will bust out and have Fun


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Dionysus Chaos Night

A Chaos Night

Can leave you feeling wrecked or Alright


You never know what could Happen

And this alone can give you great Satisfaction


Keep moving Ahead

It might not matter what direction you Head


Stay with Brothers

And maybe meet Others


Get excited like a Pup

Perhaps even hook Up


Do many different Things

Before the night even Begins


Things I never done Before

Be a good times Whore


I am one with Baccus

Your methods are not lost on Us


And guide us Well

And never let us fall into a mundane Hell

Dionysus Chaos Night

Join Detective Dak, a man of Dionysus, on his quest to save New Cluster

Dionysus Party Place

You will never be Sorry

If you have a Place to Party


Jump out of the Race

And enjoy your Party Place


Possible alone, but better with Others

Come on over party Brothers


Does not have to be Big

Most things you can jerry Rig


Flat surfaces are Good

So you can rest a drink as you Should


Animals and Water

Help it go Further


Green and Brown

Life and Ground


Dionysus bless my Creation

Help me enjoy my Libation


And as this day burns into Night

I am feeling better than Alright


Dionysus Party Place


Join Detective Dak, a man of Dionysus, on his quest to save New Cluster



Hermes Loads

When you think you have too much to Do

It feels like things have piled up on You


You fell less than Smart

Because you do not even know where to Start


But no matter the Dish

We can always Finish


Start your Race

And end up in the right Place


Soon one and one plus One

And then you are Done


So Hermes grant us your Speed

For it is what we Need


And as I look Back

Motivation will not be what I Lack


Hermes Loads


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Hecate Trade

Sometimes we have it Made

When we can make a Trade


Trade this for That

Getting things done for yourself and others, instead of sitting around growing Fat


It is sort of like making capital Too

Which is something we all want to Do


Helping a Brother

Doing a favor for Another


Maybe later they can help you Out

Such success makes you want to jump and Shout


But it is not about the Owe

It is more about getting things done and increasing the Go


We are all Stronger

And will hopefully stick around a little Longer


And face it, we all need a little Help

Without it he could be stuck like a Whelp


Hecate help me Connect

And do not let my life be a Wreck


Tomorrow I will be Complete

And perhaps help the next person I Meet


Hecate Trade


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Dionysus Change

It feels confusing and Strange

When things Change


We can me at a Loss

When we are flung into Chaos


But hold on Tight

Things will be Alright


Chaos is often our Lot

And people of Dionysus like it raging Hot


We dive in with Flare

With barely a Care


Do not hold Back

For new experiences is something we do not Lack


Things might be better Too

Something new to try or Do


So Dionysus look over our Altering

Help us on the right path and guide what it will Bring


And as I start my new Day

I can look forward feeling Okay


Dionysus Change


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