Hecate Trade

Sometimes we have it Made

When we can make a Trade


Trade this for That

Getting things done for yourself and others, instead of sitting around growing Fat


It is sort of like making capital Too

Which is something we all want to Do


Helping a Brother

Doing a favor for Another


Maybe later they can help you Out

Such success makes you want to jump and Shout


But it is not about the Owe

It is more about getting things done and increasing the Go


We are all Stronger

And will hopefully stick around a little Longer


And face it, we all need a little Help

Without it he could be stuck like a Whelp


Hecate help me Connect

And do not let my life be a Wreck


Tomorrow I will be Complete

And perhaps help the next person I Meet


Hecate Trade


Check out some of my Archetype based fiction here


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