Dionysus Motion

There is a lot we all want to Do

But just sitting there will not help make your dreams come True


Get up off your butt and get things Done

Whether it is night, dusk, or you are basking in the Sun


Sitting around on your Ass

Makes one appear to have no Class


Most things involve moving Around

We will have plenty of time to be still when we are Underground


Get your life in Motion

Jump into the accomplishment Ocean


Who gives a Fart

How you Start


You need to use It

Before you lose It


So Dionysus help us keep Active

So we are not scrambling and Reactive


In the end we give out a Yell

And make the slacker feel like Hell


Dionysus Motion


Join the World of New Cluster where the fate of the city lays in the hands of the SKinjumpers


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