Hecate Women of Darkness

Women are not all happiness and Light

Some gain their powers from the Night




Maybe it comes from a dark past or it was a Choice

But some follow a Stygian Voice


This might not mean they are Bad

Perhaps they are torn and Sad


But there is power within them Too

And that can be attractive to You


They look through a different Lens

And with it normal reality Bends


Their thoughts are Free

And shrouded in Mystery


They head out dressed in Black

And the ridiculous they Attack


They have a sharp Wit

Because they do not give a Shit


Hecate watch over your dark Witches

Let them persevere over life’s Bitches


And as they enter the Dark

They leave their Mark


Hecate Symbols


Join Erin and Dak as they try to save New Cluster from outsiders here


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