Hecate Year

When the numbers add to One

It is time for Hecate’s moment in the Sun


Hecate Year



Goddess of the Crossroads and Choice

Let us hear the Wisdom of your Voice


At peace in the Dark

On the bodies of witches you leave your Mark


Watch over those who follow the Great Work

Our duty we never Shirk


Goddess of organization and doing what we are meant to Do

On this special year we turn to You


Help us follow the Path which Works

And never fall in with the mind dead Jerks


Lawful, yet always in change like the phases of the Moon

Efficient, while blending our own Tune


Goals are met and passion flare High

We strive, grow, and Fly


Hecate reach down to your Folk

Never let us feel the Yoke


And as this year moves through our Lives

Keep us free from our enemy’s Knives


Hecate Waiting Game


Come Explore the Secrets of New Cluster



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