Hecate Rain

It is never a Pain

When we get to experience Rain


Hecate Rain


It changes the Earth’s Feel

Makes life more Real


Protects and Saves

From elders to Babes


Life can Begin

And for this we can always Sing


Mysterious and Grey

How we like our Day


Fun to be out, but alright to stay In

Conversation and accomplishment can Begin


Less things for you to Do

Because nature is taking care of it for You


A world shrouded in Mists

Unsure of what Exists


Hecate hear us this Day

In the waters we will Play


And as I listen to the patter of rain all Night

My soul will be filled with Delight




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Apollo Laser

Sometimes you need to Focus

To step up with your Hocus Pocus


Apollo Laser


When there is a goal you should not Hide

Push everything else Aside


Bee Line Ahead

Move on like we Said


The shortest distance is a straight Line

And helps you move into the Devine


So Apollo grant us this Satisfaction

As we laser our Action


Get it done Today

So we have one less in the Way


Apollo Heat


Matt narrows is a Hero of Apollo and just needs the save the whole world a few times.

Dionysus Break Free

Sometimes bad luck and negativity swirl around Me

And I have to fight to break Free




You can not expect everything to be perfect and Good

But we also need to be aspiring to live life as we Should


Change the Odds

Beat the Clods


Pick a different Direction

Head toward the Perfection


Live and Enjoy

Ignore those filled with hate who just seek to Annoy


Break the chains of Ill

Drink my Fill


Dance into a new Place

And Clear out your Space


Dionysus aid our chaotic Quest

And we will do our very Best


And as Baccanaught draws Near

I raise my Beer


Dionysus Breaking Free


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Apollo Just Keep Going

There are times in life when your production starts Slowing

But we know we have to keep on Going


Apollo Just keep Going.jpg


Even if it seems like too much to Do

Hacking at it is the best way to keep it from slipping away from You


Perhaps like a Hydra, new tasks appear faster than you can get them Done

Each time you complete one, you have Won




Grind your Teeth and dive In

Perhaps a new dawning is about to Begin


Apollo we follow our Hike

So we will end up someplace we Like


And as I keep Roaring

I might be surprised by my Soaring


Apollo Bring it back


Matt narrows is a Hero of Apollo and just needs the save the whole world a few times.

Dionysus Midnight

We always feel better than Alright

When we make it to Midnight




Duties are pushed Aside

And from great times we will not Hide


If you have enough Charms

You might find a sexy friend in your Arms


Baccanaught is about to Begin

Time for fun and maybe a dash of Sin


Moving into the middle Place

Wearing a new Face


Pushing past the Mundane

Derailing the boredom Train


The night caresses Me

Setting my Soul Free


Dionysus aid us in making it Through

And we will always turn to You


And as I enter Baccanaught

My life will completely Rock


Dionysus Cash


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Hecate Pre-Dawn

A good way to get things Done

Is to be up before the Sun


Hecate predawn


Get a jump start on the Day

Slam a few things before you enter the Frey


Maybe get to bigger Goals

Before the normal tasks take their Tolls


Set things up for Later

Be a good times Skater


Plan another day of Life

Prep for any Strife


Mundainia Smothers

I will get a head start on the Others


Make it on the path First

I do my best to avoid the Worst


No need to sleep in and laze Around

When a hundred projects can be Found


Hecate let me begin Early

Well rested and not Squirrely


And as the day pushed Through

People will be amazed at what I can Do


Hecate Year


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Hermes Making the Line

Life can stay great and Fine

As long as you know where to make the Line


hermes making the line


It is easy to screw Up

And act like a wet nosed Pup


Yes we are all Free

But we need to show Integrity


When you are making your own Rules

The only people who break them are Fools


We might not all be the Same

But we run through just one Game


So Hermes help us keep our Way

This and every Day


And are things start to turn Complex

Let not our true path know the Vex


Hermes Loads


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Apollo Everything Man

Sometimes you have to do what you Can

To be the Everything Man


Apollo Everything man


Father, worker, friend, son, action actor, brother, and Thief

It might feel like you have no Relief


Sometimes in this world if you do not wish to be Lame

You have to jump into the Game


But even after many a hard Mile

You can still maintain your own Style


So Apollo grant me the skills to be Many

And do not leave me standing without a Penny


And as the day turns to Night

I will keep up the Fight


Apollo ETM


Matt narrows is a Hero of Apollo and just needs the save the whole world a few times.

Dionysus Joy Override

Sometimes people get to involved with wishing things to be fair and Right

Guess what, that will not happen before we bed down for the Night


Dionysus Joy Override


Nothing will ever be balanced, cool, or Fair

But that does not mean we can not live a life full of Flare


Sometimes giving Joy even when it is not Deserved

Makes sure future good time is Served


So suck up those feeling and illogical wishes for Balance

Be Dionysus and not a grumpy Jack Palence


Give that person who is horrible to you a Hug

And sweep the misery they cause under the Rug


Watch the good times Grow

And fuck the Ego


Or you can travel down the complaining Path

And just get more Wrath


So Dionysus let us put joy First

And watch the negativity Burst


And as a new unfolds before Me

I watch myself embrace joy and feel more Free


19th Century Antique Vase Illustration of Dionysus and Three Figures

1808-1810 — 19th Century Antique Vase Illustration of Dionysus and Three Figures — Image by © Stapleton Collection/Corbis


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Hecate Everything Day

I allow nothing to get in my Way

When I plan on an Everything Day


Hecate Everything Day


True multitasking can slow one Down

But other techniques have been Found


I focus on one thing at a time, but many things are Done

And work long past the setting of the Sun


Sometimes there are many tasks and projects on your Plate

And the need to accomplish will not Abate


Why tackle just one, when you can slam Ten

Multiple goals I will Attend


Each one creeps and dashes Along

Soon I will be able to burst into Song


Nothing can hold me Back

As these tasks I Attack


One done and then Another

Until I can hear the Thunder


Hecate guide my Mission

I and will not be plagued with thoughts of Submission


And as I look back on this Day

I will know I fought through the Fray


Hecate ED


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