Hermes Paper Jerk

There are things we all wish to Do

But they all get harder with a pile of annoying Papers in front of You


Hermes Paper Jerk


You must finish them, this you Know

But you feel like the day is ruined when the process is so Slow


But the only way to triumph is to pick up the first One

Keep working, they will be Done


With each one completed you become more Free

The way we all wish to Be


Dance and Glide

Ride the Tide


Hermes, we need your intellect and Speed

Let us win out over the Greed


I see the End

Thank you, my Friend


Hermes Loads


Enter New Cluster a cyber-city of Adventure and Mystery


Apollo End Game

After so many hardships and feeling Lame

It is so great to be nearing the End Game


Apollo End Game


Often we are Akimbo

Because we are stuck in Limbo


Or maybe you are fighting each step of the Way

For a chance for fairness and to get your Say


But they can not hold us back Forever

Give up, Never


So Apollo wish us the Best

As we complete our Quest


And as this day burns into the Night

I leave here feeling better than Alright


Apollo Heat


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Dionysus Sleeping

A good way to avoid being a grumpy Creep

In to insure you have enough Sleep


Dionysus Sleeping


Maybe you can dream Too

Which is something you always want to Do


Rest with another is Best

I am sure you do not need to put this to the Test


Sleeping in, can prepare you for Baccanaght

Which we all love a Lot


Days without enough sleep lead to Sorrow

I hope this does not happen to me Tomorrow


Yet, we have to make sure we do not sleep too Long

For then there is less time for wine, women, and Song


Sections are 90 minutes in Duration

A Dionysus number so it is part of our Nation


So Dionysus watch over us while we Rest

And in the morn, I will do my Best


A new day rising before Me

And I so enjoy being Free


Dionysus, just be


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Hecate Thunder Strike

We need to do things and get them done how we Like

One of our favorite ways is the Thunder Strike


Hecate Thunder Strike


Blast through our goals and each Blockade

Before you know it, you have it Made


Energize the Good, Hammer the Bad

Move into pride and away from Sad


One thing after the Other

Until the hills echo with Thunder


Make each day mean the Most

Soon it will be hard not to Boast


Look back and Gasp

There is so much more within our Grasp


Still, we are not done Yet

Let us see how far we can Get


No need to Lie

When your accomplishments reach the Sky


So Hecate help us find the right Way

To excel Today


And as we reach Midnight

We can rest knowing we tried all our Might


hecate spell


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Dionysus Art

There are many ways to make your Souls Shine

Yours might be different than Mine


Dionysus Art


But no matter how it works for You

It is something you should Do


A great place to Start

Is with Creating Art


Some use colors and Paint

Removed the mundane Taint


Others sculpt or create a new Wonder

It can crash into your senses like Thunder


Things can be huge or Small

But once completed, you get to stand Tall


Creating something from Nothing

Common into Something


Dionysus aid us when we set out to Create

Let us produce something Great


A fun way to Explore

A new thing of beauty which did not exist Before


Dionysus Cash


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Dionysus Do It Anyway

Sometimes you feel paralyzed by all the tasks heading your Way

Best to just step up and do them Anyway


Dionysus Do It Anyways


You may feel out of Luck

Begun your to do list is going to Suck


But each one Done

Can bring you closer to Fun



Breeds Satisfaction


Be put to the Test

You can only do your Best


Clear your Head

Move out of the Red



Prove you are Alive


So Dionysus grant us the Power

To better our life this Hour


And as we Improve

It is so much easier to Groove


dionysus tech


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Yig Getting Out

It is time to take up the Shout

Because we are heading Out


Yig Getting Out



Sometimes your life can Slide

When you spend too much time Inside


Head into nature or the Trees

Be able to do as you Please


Or you could roll Downtown

And see who is hanging Around


Blast into social Interaction

Can lead to Satisfaction


Walking, moving, feeling the Air

Living a life with Flare


Yig bless our Quest

To live at our Best


As I enter the Night

Good times I do not have to Fight.

Yig Getting Out II


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Dionysus Sun

Sometimes we need to get things Done

And we dash through the Sun


Dionysus Sun


Other times we Delight

As we bask in the Sunlight


A day off is Best

Enjoy the Outdoors while we Rest


Although we of Dionysus often worship the Night

The sun is also Alright


See what we are Doing

Meet who we might be Screwing


Bouncing around earning a little Cash

So later we can have the fun Dash


Around me the plants grow free and Wild

And if I put in some effort, I can feel like a Child


So Dionysus let us enjoy the Day

Later we can look back at our Play


And as the day comes to and End

New things we will Attend


Dionysus Chaos Night


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Hermes Free Day

What can I Say

Is there anything better than a free Day


Hermes Free Time


So much stretches out before You

It seems like there is no limit to what you could Do


Feeling fit and able to Relax.

A life you need not Tax


Living the way, we should always Be

Damn it is nice to be Free


Having fun is so Nice

I never have to think Twice


So Hermes Bless this State

I am sure you can Relate


And I continue Forward

Just being here is its own Reward


Dionysus Slick


Like CyberPunk, well, welcome to the world of ClonePunks