Apollo External Heat

At times we are all trapped within the Heat

You try to escape but the ground melts around your Feet


.Apollo Heat ii

First one must endure the Blast

But soon we need to move our Ass


Make improvements and get the right things Done

Find protection from the blazing Sun


For as the Sun is the source of Life

It can also cut as a Knife


So I look for my inner strength this Day

Embracing the things over which Apollo holds Sway


And as I turn a new Page

At the world I need not Rage


Dionysus Sun


Matt Narrows is a Hero of Apollo and just needs the save the whole world a few times.


Hecate Prepare

In life we must often Beware

And the best why to improve your lot is to Prepare




Whether it is for the great or to avoid the Bad

Thinking the future through will make you Glad


Plot and Plan

At home or when traveling over the Land


When looking Ahead

Preparing helps remove the Dread


Maximize your Life

Make it ripping and plow through any Strife


Gather the things you Need

Triumph over the evil ones and beings of Greed


Do not flounder Away

For soon the future is here to Stay


When you know what is on each Step

You are the cool person with the growing Rep


Hecate gives us Focus

From high tech to Hocus Pocus


And as the new Day Begins

We excel over our Sins


Hecate Rain


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Hermes Soloed Spirit

Although there are many techniques to enlighten one’s Mind

They are not always easy to Find


Hermes Soloed Spirit


One such Way

Is to be alone for a Day


Nothing to Distract

Introspection you will not Lack


Look deep Inside

From yourself it is difficult to Hide


Reevaluate and form a Plan

And then return to the realms of Man


Healer, Trickster, and Mage

I write a new Page


I am enveloped in Dusk

The mystery welcomes Us


Hermes Loads


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Hecate Two Steps Back

Life loses some luster and starts to Lack

When after moving forward we are forced two steps Back


Hecate Two Steps Back


We strive to get Ahead

But when we repeat our tasks the world fills with Dread


We fight every way we Can

But often leap from the fire into the Pan


Still what one did before they can do Again

Some things we all must Attend


Battle on with knife and Flame

Sometimes there is no need to find who is to Blame


Chaos falls, and we must Restore

Our accomplishment, we Implore


Warriors rarely Cease

Until one day they find their Peace


And although peace may seem far this Day

This is still a game I must Play


Hecate help us realize our own Power

Which will carry us through the darkest Hour


Soon this will Pass

And in good times I shall Bask


hecate spell


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Dionysus Chaos Jumper

No one wants to be a Zero

Warriors jump into Chaos and emerge as a Hero


Dionysus Chaos Jumper


Leaving the safe Behind

Doom or empowerment they could Find


Travel into the Dark

Leaving their Mark


A Warrior Task

Success they seek to Grasp


Uncertainty and the dangers of the unknown Abound

But this is where the Quest is Found


Not afraid to Break Away

And test skills to their limit Today


A warrior Eternal

Life dragged from the spiraling Urinal


Dionysus help us advance our Quest

And we will step up and do our Best


As this day Ebbs

I will have cut through more Webs


Dionysus Breaking Free


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Dionysus Leaf

Once I realize I am nothing but Me

I can begin on the path of the Free


Dionysus Leaf


Possessions and such are just temporary Illusions

I am not part of prescribed Delusions


I am a leaf in the Wind

Who knows where I will End


As long as I draw Breath

I know I have something Left


Chaos and moving in any Direction

Watch when I land of Perfection


Dance between the razors of evil and the rays of Good

Moving in the manner I Should


I am a child of the Spiral

I spurn my Rival


Dionysus laughs with Us

And we join the good times Bus


And as I rip through this Spin

A better life I Begin


Dionysus Planning Plots


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Yig The Night

Serpents are warriors who hunt both day and Night

So for many, only when the sun sets do they feel Alright


Yig Night


Moving through the Green

Remaining Unseen


When the cool air reaches my Skin

The new adventure is about to Begin


With weapon in Hand

I travel the Land


Once my eyes pierce the Gloom

My enemies will feel their Doom


I will not Balk

As I set out to Stalk


The day has Passed

But I have not breathed my Last


So Yig help me in in the Dark

And on this world, I shall leave my Mark




Yig’s greatest hero, Jack Primus, can be discovered here!

Yig The Hidden

At times we are Bidden

To remain Hidden


Yig The Hidden


When people want to hunt us Down

It is time to go to Ground


Remove yourself from Sight

Enter the Night


Your enemies can not find their Mark

Once you enter the Dark


Warriors have many Skills

We need to protect ourselves from life’s Ills


We can even Hide

Our true thoughts we have Inside


Yig let us remain Concealed

At home or in the Field


And I ready myself for the Urge

To once again Emerge


Yig Camoflague


Yig’s greatest hero, Jack Primus, can be discovered here!