Apollo Bring It Back

Sometimes the right direction is what you Lack

And you must strive to win it Back


Apollo Bring it back


I will not flounder Around

My feet are on level Ground


I head in my own righteous Direction

Leading my life toward Perfection


Problems and enemies fall away from Me

I become determined and Free


So Apollo enlighten my Path

Bring back the correct direction and focus my Wrath


And let the bell Toll

Each time I accomplish a Goal


Apollo Heat


Matt narrows is a Hero of Apollo and just needs the save the whole world a few times.


Dionysus Pull The Trigger

We all want to be responsible and Conserve

But sometimes you are frayed to the last Nerve


Dionysus pull the trigger


You feel tainted and Dirty

Fuck it, it’s Beer-Thirty


We often put back a few for Fun

But this is not always why it is Done


Sometimes life is a Mess

And you need just an edge to deal with all the Stress


It might not make me Proud

When I pull back this Shroud


But it is True

What the hell can you Do


So when life tosses you Shit

Sometimes it is best to just get away from It


Dionysus let us not Fret

And maybe for a few hours I can Forget


And when tomorrow rolls Around

Maybe a new solution can be Found




Heroes of Dionysus? Yep, got them right here!!

Hecate Year

When the numbers add to One

It is time for Hecate’s moment in the Sun


Hecate Year



Goddess of the Crossroads and Choice

Let us hear the Wisdom of your Voice


At peace in the Dark

On the bodies of witches you leave your Mark


Watch over those who follow the Great Work

Our duty we never Shirk


Goddess of organization and doing what we are meant to Do

On this special year we turn to You


Help us follow the Path which Works

And never fall in with the mind dead Jerks


Lawful, yet always in change like the phases of the Moon

Efficient, while blending our own Tune


Goals are met and passion flare High

We strive, grow, and Fly


Hecate reach down to your Folk

Never let us feel the Yoke


And as this year moves through our Lives

Keep us free from our enemy’s Knives


Hecate Waiting Game


Come Explore the Secrets of New Cluster


Dionysus Fresh Air

If you want to experience more and live a life of Flare

It is good to grab some fresher Air


Coyote buttes


Being inside a box is often Good

And there are times we Should


But the real Chaos lurks Outside

And from this we should not Hide


Everything is out There

So you had better get going Somewhere


On, bike, foot, or in a Car

You often do not have to head too Far


Staying outside or arriving at a new Place

Feeling the sun or rain on my Face


Never know what you could Find

Leave the mundane world Behind


Dionysus help us Grow

And head into the Know


Another day proves Right

And here comes the Night


Dionysus Change



Okay, if you like Dionysus you should check out how his heroes roll and you can do that here

Inanna Special

Inanna will sometimes send you her Vessel

This new Goddess on Earth will be so Special

And with loneliness you will no longer have to Wrestle




When you meet this person, they stand Out

Thinking about them makes you want to dance About

On their fine qualities you wish to Shout


Inanna thanks for this powerful Gift

I hope we never encounter a Rift

And survive any Tiff


inanna scents


Follow Erin as she works with her lover Dak to save the people of New Cluster

Dionysus Fit

Good times might not be worth a Shit

If you cannot stay reasonably Fit


Dionysus Fit II


Hard to get out and About

When you feel like a Lout


Much more to be Done

Laughing under the Sun


Singing a better Song

Sticking around Long


Sex is better Too

And you know that is something you wish to Do


When put to the Task

More likely in success you will Bask


Looking good as Well

Hey, what the Hell


So Dionysus keep me Sleek

And I will remain Unique


As this day rolls into the Next

Over health I will not Vex


Dionysus Fit


Follow Dak and his fellow Dionysian as they struggle to keep New Cluster Free

Dionysus Sex

Like a Tyrannosaurus Rex

Nothing rips through our life like Sex


Dionysus Sex


We seek to remove ourselves from our animal Base

But oh wow, look at that pretty Face


Whether we seek woman or Man

We mate if we Can


Our desire to Play

Never goes Away


So good when Together

Pushing away the bad Weather


We Strive

Keeping the species Alive


Often nothing is Better

Wow that just got Wetter


So Dionysus aid is in our Mission

Pleasure and Submission


Day burns into Night

And I feel so Right


Goth cartoon



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