Inanna Sharp

Both men and women should stay slick and Sharp

For who knows what lays under Life’s’ Tarp

We could encounter trials or the blessing of the Harp




We need to look tight and be Ready

For life is not always Steady

Times can get Heady


Existence can be lovely Too

And you want to be prepared so the good times do not escape from You

So Inanna help aid us in being ready for whatever we might need to Do




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Dionysus Sunset

Accomplishment morphs into Fun

As we bid goodnight to the Sun


Dionysus Sunset


What mystery might it Bring

To what will we Sing


The chaos that Creates

Has opened its Gates


Work has Passed

Night at Last


Doing things for myself, lovers, sisters, and Brothers

Friends and even unknown Others


Things change and Magick gains a stronger Hold

We need not be Told


I reap what I Sow

Moving from the unseen into the Know


Dionysus rules this Time

Let his music Chime


Soon we enter Baccanaught

And will eternally Rock


Dionysus Sunset 2


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Dionysus Sunset 3

Yig Partnership

Me against the world can only do so Much

When alone it is easy to lose Touch


Yig Partnership


Find a partner is a good way to Improve

Get yourself into a Stronger Groove


Two parts to the same Puzzle can get more Done

And you will sooner be basking in the Sun


When not everything needs to be done by You

It becomes easier to push your projects Through


Tasks are more fun when the end can be Shared

It alright to lose some control, do not be Scared


Adding to Creativity is Best

Put your skills to the Test


So Yig let the inspiration Entwine

And soon we will head toward the Devine


Each day we will grow Stronger

And feel behind no Longer


yig entwined II


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Yig glow girl

Dionysus Anarchy

Some people are Free

Because they have embraced Anarchy


Dionysus Anarchy


It does matter what you believe or Feel

Laws are just imagined concepts and not Real


They change over Time

As we have as we crawled from the Slime


Only my own Moral Compass and Natural Laws control my Existence

I am just one part of this Cosmic Dance


I control my Actions

Strive for my own Satisfactions


Sorry if I come off more Evolved

For my own problems, I Solve


I do not need big brother’s guiding Hand

As I travel across the Land


If more would join me, we could put this Behind

And think of the new joys we would Find


Dionysus lead the Way

And I can become one with your free thinking this Day


Anarchy Love


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Hecate Hound

Your enemies can not go to Ground

When they are being chased by the Hound


Hecate Hounds


Once it gets your Scent

It will know each place you Went


Through the barren places, desert, cities, and Wood

It is on their trail, but not for your enemies’ Good


Most try to lead a life that’s Fair

But still enemies can pop up Anywhere


They draw the Knife

And attempt to ruin parts of your Life


Yet with Fang and Fire

Their might, you Retire


The Hounds of Hell

Have got their Smell


They run Forlorn

As you blow the hunter’s Horn


Hecate Hound II


Great Hecate guide our Hunt

Let the malign energy return onto the Runt


Be it day or Night

Make sure we win the Fight


Hecate Hound


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Dionysus Yule Tide

The height of Winter was once dedicated to Me

Follow Dionysus and let yourself be Free


Dionysus Yule Tide


Saturnalia was an orgy of Fun

From the rulers to peasant this was Done


I am the bearded man born Again

To all true people I am a Friend


Modern Monos try to take this time Away

And replace it with their own Way


But we all know how it Started

Their rip off just Farted


Mistletoe, lights, and a Tree

Are miles away from the Monos but close to Me


From my own time, I will not be cast Off

Perhaps it is time for a Molitoff


I will watch over my Sheep

They need not follow a stealing Creep


And I celebrate my Time

As we have done since we crawled up from the Slime


Dionysus Chaos Day


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Dionysus Decorations

Who wants to live a life which is normal and Boring

Soon you will just find yourself Snoring


Man cave


There are ways to stand Out

Without needing to Shout


Take a new look at your Home

You want it to inspire when we return from your Roam


It needs to comfort Too

So push that Through


Make your world the way you Want

Good times you need not Taunt


Holiday decorations have their Places

And they lighten the children’s Faces


Give it all your personal Touch

Your senses demand Such


Dionysus lend a creative Hand

Let our true self emerge from the Sand


As I lay Back

Individuality will not be something I Lack


Dionysus Motion


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Hermes Paper Jerk

There are things we all wish to Do

But they all get harder with a pile of annoying Papers in front of You


Hermes Paper Jerk


You must finish them, this you Know

But you feel like the day is ruined when the process is so Slow


But the only way to triumph is to pick up the first One

Keep working, they will be Done


With each one completed you become more Free

The way we all wish to Be


Dance and Glide

Ride the Tide


Hermes, we need your intellect and Speed

Let us win out over the Greed


I see the End

Thank you, my Friend


Hermes Loads


Enter New Cluster a cyber-city of Adventure and Mystery

Apollo End Game

After so many hardships and feeling Lame

It is so great to be nearing the End Game


Apollo End Game


Often we are Akimbo

Because we are stuck in Limbo


Or maybe you are fighting each step of the Way

For a chance for fairness and to get your Say


But they can not hold us back Forever

Give up, Never


So Apollo wish us the Best

As we complete our Quest


And as this day burns into the Night

I leave here feeling better than Alright


Apollo Heat


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